Who Is He?

Meet The Nutty Chemist. The Nutty Chemist is a chemistry and physics teacher at a private high school in Sarasota, Florida. What does a 30-something single handsome man do for fun in a retirement town? He pores fun into his classroom! The Nutty Chemist landed his job through an interview process that was anything but conventional. During his teaching session, he demonstrated his everyday manner by forcing kids to answer his questions through sarcasm. When asked why he wanted to teach high school, he replied, “I was one of those bored high school kids who didn’t learn a thing. There’s nothing they can do that I haven’t tried. I want to show them that learning can be fun. I want to help them graduate.” He had no competition.

On any given day, you can visit The Nutty Chemist’s classroom to find the students involved in one project or another. He doesn’t give tests. His brightest students work hard to keep a C in his classes. He doesn’t tolerate stupid questions or late papers. He taught his students how to calculate accurate projections by being the target for them to hit with water balloons using a small catapult and math. His students learn more by this hands-on approach.

The irony in all this is that The Nutty Chemist barely graduated high school himself. He sat through commencement services not knowing if his diploma was signed or not. He found out later that he had passed his last final with a D-. Smiles all around, he had made it!

How does a high school student barely pass high school and end up a dozen years later as a teacher at a private school? Hard work and perseverance. Once The Nutty Chemist decided he would rather go to school than work full time, there was no stopping him.