How Does a Paintball Gun Work, Anyway?

The parts of paintball guns are similar but have some very important differences between them. First, it’s important whether you’re using a pistol, semi-automatic paintball gun and the pump-action gun. All of them work differently but have the same core parts that make them paintball guns. Some can be pump action paint ball guns. The CO2 cartridge will often be loaded into the bottom tube, right below the barrel. In hand paintball guns, your paint balls are loaded into the top tube. The middle tube are where the shots are fired. Pumping the gun will load one round at a time.

The other pump action paintball gun will require a CO2 cartridge or a compressed air cartridge. The people competing have to be responsible enough to carry a paintball tube. That tube is going to be your main source for ammunition. Your paintball rounds go into a holder called a hopper. This item makes it immediately clear that it’s a paintball gun. It’s the most immediate sign to tell people that the weapon isn’t lethal to other competitors.

Hoppers have numbers on them to let people know have many rounds can be held. However, some times this can vary depending on the shape of the rounds that you have. They will drop into the chamber of the gun. Pump action guns are loaded into the barrel itself and then requires to be pumped after every shot. It’s important to see how little recoil that the paintball guns have. Some of that can be explained because they use CO2 cartridges to propel the rounds. The rounds themselves also tend to be lighter and easier to control.

Semi-automatic guns are more convenient than the other choices. There are options for either electric or mechanical paintball guns. They are the most basic paintball gun and almost everyone can have an enjoyable experience with them. Every time you pull the trigger a round will be fired. That is different from the pump action guns that require you to have pump each round. That makes sure that the concept doesn’t require much explanation to everyone. That also means that the semi-automatic gun can hold more rounds than the pump action gun. That makes sure that newcomers are punished as hard for their lack of gun knowledge.

Paintball guns can be enjoyed by people that don’t enjoy real guns. They also have a far less chance of injuring someone who is less experienced with a guns. Chest soreness or literally being hit with recoil due to inexperience is relatively nonexistent when it comes to paintball guns.