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In 2005, I brought you "Rock Me Avogadro". In 2007, I brought you "Schrodinger's Cat Strikes Back". In 2009, I finished up three more songs. All 30 songs and their music videos are now available on a data DVD, compatible with both Mac and PC. Also included are all the lyrics and worksheets for each video! You also get all 30 songs in mp3 format for your computer or mp3 player. Want even more? OK! How about review materials, including my famous "Fifty Frequently Forgotten Fun Facts" packet? Or the complete course on Powerpoint, with over a hundred pages of hyperlinked information? It's all yours!
Cost for the DVD is $40 for US addresses, including shipping. Sorry, due to extreme increases in shipping costs, I will not ship outside the US. Secure payment via PayPal.
1) The Scientific Method
2) Big Sig Fig Gig
3) Where The Heck To Round
4) Em Cee Delta Tee
5) The Heat Of Fusion Of Water
6) Heating Curve
7) Rock Me Avogadro
8) Natural Decay
9) Nuclear Power To The People
10) One Half-Life To Live
11) Schrodinger's Cat Strikes Back
12) What The Heck Is Light?
13) Atomos Atomos
14) I Heart Electron Config
15) Elemental Funkiness
16) What Kinds Of Bonds Are These?
17) Hydrogen Bonds
18) Stoichiometry Rules!
19) Don't Break The Law
20) So You Want To Make A Product?
21) Rate Of Reaction
22) Exo, Endo...What's The Diff?
23) Stress, Shift, Change In Concentration
24) For Those About To Dissolve, We Solute You
25) Acids And Bases
26) The Bromthymol Blues
27) You Start At The Anode
28) Electrolysis Is Smart
29) It's A Family Thing
30) Organic Reactions
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